10 reasons why you are slow to learn Torremolinos

Torremolinos, a paradise on the Costa del Sol

Torremolinos smells vacation. Torremolinos is a vacation , leads remain so for decades, when the first tourists discovered the charm of this white fishing village of sandy beaches and perfect. It was then that becamemecca for film, and not just because everything Hollywood decidedspendsummer here: in their environment have been recorded many films ( The Adventures of the Barber of Seville, Beware Ladies, El Puente, Toro ), and the same year, its streets have seen completing the filming of the series Toyboy and Brigade Sun Coast .

The same allure that attracts international filmmakers to this corner known throughout the world, which changed the paradigm of world tourism forever, is the bewitching following the millions of travelers who tread. The reasons are many, and when you read, you will realize why you’re taking time to head for Torremolinos.

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1. INFINITE for its beaches

Come up with the most obvious, but is that really deserves to be the first: the beaches of Torremolinos are endless. Wide, that tasty and warm sand in which to sink fancy feet, with calm seas and always at the perfect temperature, with palm oasis to each section and the Q distinction that guarantees quality excellence. We love all but one of our prederidas is Los Alamos .

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Six kilometers for walking, biking and skating with the sea on one side and small orchards of jungle flowers to the other, stopping at stalls with traditional dishes and specialties from around the world. The promenade of Torremolinos is one Miami Beach miniature of authentic local flavor, which is no shortage of entertainment for little ones (trampolines, swings, rides …). Contemplate their views from the top of the viewpoints of Torremolinos, where you can enjoy panoramic unmatched.

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3. FOR YOUR fried fish

Because nowhere is eaten as rich as here, where the term was exported to the rest of the world. It combines tradition and modernity in a wide range of bars and restaurants. Because the smell of burning coals of the espeto after a long day of sun is the synthesis of happiness.


One can perfectly live on the beach in Torremolinos: spend the morning in a hammock to bring you lunch; snack juices in Balinese beds pace chill out(and get a massage afterwards!); dine at any of the many restaurants, watch a movie on the screens of their summer cinema in front of the sea, and when the sun goes down, break dancing in the bars of the shore with ambient music and chill out.

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A Torremolinos arrived miniskirts and nightclubs rather than anywhere else. In its beaches made Gala , Dali’s wife, the first topless . For main street, San Miguel, walked barefoot and carefree Brigitte Bardot. The village was known throughout the world, and in the 60, being the epicenter of the best move gay . Already said Bibiana Fernández : “Spain was in black and white; Torremolinos was in color. ” It still is, in all colors of the rainbow, which honors each year at its apotheosis cavalcade of pride, and 365 days in the recently recovered Pasaje BegoñaSymbol of respect and freedom.

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Torremolinos, with its 325 days of sunshine a year, invites you to walk. And the ride is unforgettable to the dean street off the San Miguel by the newly restored Cuesta de Tajo, glimpsing the Torre de Pimentel, which gives its name to the municipality. A little later, the lovely steps of the Bajondillo,where you can still see those walls festooned with pots conquered in the 50, continue scenic route that goes to the sea.

Also invites miss La Carihuela fisherman neighborhood that is home pescaíto renowned restaurants and legendary hotels like the Swordfish , where Ava Gardner and Sinatra engaged themselves in endless parties that only ended when police arrived.

In addition, the traditional spirit of Torremolinos feels also during the feast of the Virgin of El Carmen , when, at night, your image cuts through the waves boat, or the pilgrimage and the fair , which brings together neighbors dressed in traditional costumes in long days of food, drink and party flooding the streets.

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It was here where was born architecture relaxation between 1953 and 1965. With this style, linked to the expansion of mass tourism, was intended to reflect an exaggerated modern and uninhibited, which was introduced in own functionalist buildings of the time in order to transmitting an image upbeat and fun during the dictatorship. Thus, Torremolinos is built for enjoyment since its inception, but it’s best you just now renew all its hotels with stronger investment in Andalusia, to still offer better seating options to its visitors.

8. WHY Children love

Did you know that the first water park in Spain, Aqualand , is in Torremolinos? This enclave is one, besides the beach and its many surrounding amusement, to free children ‘s shows held in the streets of the center, recently pedestrianized; to the Crocodile Park , where you can learn about these giant reptiles; huge parks such as the battery , with a large lake where rowing, and even small forests, such as the beautiful scenery of the Pinares , where to run and play outdoors. It is also possible to immerse yourself in nature in the Botanic Garden Molino de IncaWhere you will find the springs of Torremolinos hundreds of plant species and raptors that will make this tour an exciting experience for the whole family.


The historic center of Torremolinos is more alive than ever thanks to the recent pedestrianization of the Plaza Costa of the Sun In it, provided with a new pergola and a sculpture park, exhibitions, markets and concerts free are held outdoors.; They engalan the streets with street art murals; the agenda is filled with meetings organized by the Centro Cultural Pablo Ruiz Picasso ; evenings live with a view on the rooftops of their hotels …

And soon, also they will open either a gourmet market with products of the province of Malaga as the home of Casa de María Barrabino , a magnificent building of the nineteenth century building in the Plaza de la Costa of the sun. Thus, culture and events come together in Torremolinos renovated for the enjoyment of its residents and visitors, in a wide range of leisureconstantly boiling.



Torremolinos is the paradise of sun and relaxation you expect, but also is home to the festival of rockabilly and swing Rockin’Race Jamboree ; It has beautiful nature trails walking or cycling, such as the Gorge of the Wolf; deportirvas has facilities and extraordinary golf courses, the school which houses the prestigious expert Miguel Angel Jimenez ; is the perfect place to get started in water sports like kayaking or paddle surf … Furthermore, just ten minutes by train or car separate you from the airport , with connections to over 100 cities around the world every day.

But there is more, much more: there are hundreds of hotspots that do not stop appearing on Instagram under the hashtag #Torremolinos. In fact, it is precisely in the social networks of the municipality where they feel every day why this piece of the Sun Coast takes you decades to thrill travelers who do not stop to be photographed in their most emblematic spots .