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A day in Puerto Banus: what to see, what to do and what to eat

Living here is only to the extent of a few. Yachts, high – end cars, luxury stores open until midnight and mansions of several million euros are the hallmarks of Puerto Banus, located 6 kilometers from Marbella and one of the most exclusive areas of Spain.

Named after be his ideologist and promoter, Jose Banus , this port, declared Center of Interest National Tourist and possessing the gold medal to the Merit in Tourism, it attracts for almost 50 years millionaires, celebrities, tourists and curious of all the world.

A day in Puerto Banus: what to see, what to do and what to eat 1

Puerto Banus, created in 1970, is part of the so – called ‘Golden Triangle’,comprising the malagueñas towns of Marbella, Estepona and Benahavisand, in real estate terms, of the Golden Mile Marbella. Here everything shines.

For many it is nothing more than a display of wealth and ostentation, where snobbery acts up between bottles of expensive champagne, pleasure boats tens of meters long and lively night clubs.

A day in Puerto Banus: what to see, what to do and what to eat 2

But for us it is one of those places you see at the least once in life. There must be some reason why more than four million people do every year.

We propose to spend a day at one of the most privileged ports of the Mediterranean and the most expensive fifth in Europe, which has some small white Andalusian village and a lot of busy place of passage where nightlife, excess and glamor are interspersed with different fate.

A day in Puerto Banus: what to see, what to do and what to eat 3

9h. The day begins with a hearty breakfast at Rose Café, which is ultimately the most photographed place in Puerto Banus (Marbella May).

His mural instagrameable 35,000 roses, its pastel decor, terrace lush and photogenic dishes are the claim to the cafeteria where even your dog has his own letter has become, in just a few months, pilgrimage temple hundreds of influencers.

But it is not just a matter of aesthetics: its toasted homemade bread and organic coffee, for more traditional or waffles black activated carbon and bowls with fruit, granola and edible flowers for the cast, are the reason everyone returns.

0h. Traveler, it ‘s time to weigh anchor. You are in Puerto Banus and the options are endless: you can rent a boat for fisherman for a day with Lovit Charter a Boat , a sailboat to pamper yourself , with beauty treatments and massages at sea with Rnova Thermal – or make an excursion dolphin watching.

A day in Puerto Banus: what to see, what to do and what to eat 4

13h. Once on solid ground, walk and be amazed with its peculiarities. Here’s one: its main artery is the Avenue Julio Iglesias but other artists like Antonio Banderas or Lola Flores have their place in Puerto Banus, with a square and an avenue, respectively.

Writers such as Jose Saramago and Mario Vargas Llosa or entrepreneurs like Ramon Areces also have their own street (which, incidentally, is one of the most expensive of the Sun Coast) in this marbellí corner where everything has a place.

4h. Puerto Banus is like giving a return to the world in culinary key: decide is difficult.

There are restaurants LebaneseBaalbak or MarrushItalians like the mythical and crowded pizzeria Picasso or always advisable La Pappardella , Belgian and Grill in the port of Fusion Mexico and Japan as Mesiko or Americans as Jacks Smokehouse .

But we also find proposals patrias like La Taberna de Pintxo or La Bocana ,where to feel, with Malaga frying, yes, you’re in Andalusia.

And eye, high Andalusian cuisine there are many: Marbella, which is a stone ‘s throw, is the home of Dani García (2 Michelin stars). But if we stick to Puerto Banus, we must speak of DOM restaurant : A stubborn defense of local raw materials and the Designation of Origin Málaga.

16h. In Puerto Banus, beauty is also interpreted as a luxury: you’re in paradise personal care and beauty centers.

Choose one of the treatments Glow Club and let go. His Hammam Arabic,for example, is a craft, purifying and detoxifying ritual perfect for the traveler.

Apply black soap (Beldi) and, after a session of steam, deep peeling is performed with a glove (kessa) Moroccan tradition rids the skin of impurities and dead cells.


The last step is a massage rassoul, whose properties are absorbent, degreasers and moisturizers. It ends with a relaxing tea with natural fruit moruno.

A day in Puerto Banus: what to see, what to do and what to eat 5

If instead you prefer to relax not stop, can personal training as or enjoy the indoor pool with salt water treatment and finish with a jacuzzi and sauna session at its sports center.

Have you been whetted the appetite? Snack at La Crêperie, who has been doing the same since 1977.

If you’re more salty, let us advise and ask for his specialty: the Provencal pancake (ham, cheese, pepper, tomato and mushrooms). If you prefer something sweet, decántate the ice cream, fruit and Nutella.

18h. To soak up the authentic atmosphere of Puerto Banus, settle into a Balinese bed Nao Pool Club , one of the businesses of French entrepreneur Olivia Valere, also owns the most famous nightclub in the area, which bears his name.

A day in Puerto Banus: what to see, what to do and what to eat 6

She is the boss in the frantic night marbellí and each year attracts international names that have finished becoming regulars Banus.

20h. Puerto Banus say is the city of the world with more luxury shops per square meter. His street Muelle Ribera, who serves as the promenade,reminiscent of Serrano Street in Madrid or Barcelona ‘s Paseo de Gracia, but the side of the sea with pleasure boats moored a few meters from the windows.

If you want to take something home, what better than one Muscatel of La Axarquía, Málaga region that is giving a lot to talk about.

Buy it at Vinopolis, a gourmet store specializing in Spanish, French and Italian wines. Also they organize tastings.

21h. Finish the day by dining in Los Bandidos, one of the best restaurants in the harbor. His j Ardin pendant, dishes with Scandinavian influence and their local environment will make you extend the desktop.

A day in Puerto Banus: what to see, what to do and what to eat 7

23h. The evening begins on the roof of the Hotel Benabo the , overlooking the entire harbor and continúala in Pangea , one of the most exclusive clubs in the area. What sleep is another story.

As your hectic day will end at dawn, maybe compensate you have booked accommodation for hours, as you will step on the little hotel.

You may have noticed already: nobody here Madruga.

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