Easter in Malaga

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Málaga Cathedral has the distinction of having only one tower in one of the four corners. That´s why it´s called la Manquita (a person with only one arm) by the habitants of Malaga. The aisles of the cathedral reach the same height as the central ship. Like many of the church buildings the construction was delayed over time due to economic problems. The construction was so extended in time that several different  architectural styles can be seen, renaissance, baroque and neoclassical.

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Many of the side chapels contain precious works of art preserved in perfect condition. The site also retains some curiosities like a painting, more than 10 meters high whose extravagance is that it´s painted on elephant skin. You can also see a Christ from the eighteenth-century carved in ivory, a crucifix with a height of 70 cm which shows the imposing size of the elephant tusk. Among the jewels of the Cathedral museum also features a Morales and a Rivera.

If you have a car hire malaga airport there are several palaces nearby the cathedral that are worth a visit. The Episcopal palace for example has been growing by the addition of adjoining houses. Inside the palace courtyards you find necessary shade to rest from the powerful heat of Malaga in the same way as the trees provide the shade on the streets.

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El paseo de Parque is a fantastic street and you can take a drive on if you have opted for a rent a car malaga airport. The street was built in the nineteenth century on land reclaimed from the sea. On the sides are some of the most significant buildings. Malaga Gardens have a varied and exotic collection of plants, plus some beautiful fountains.

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The prolongation of the street is called Alameda. During the summer in the South, shade is considered a gift and Alameda offers the largest shadow in Malaga. It´s a lovely walk covered by the leaves of the trees that provide a fantastic shade to hide from the abrasive August sun. In Easter the entire periphery travels to the center and all the streets, especially Alameda become a long promenade. During Easter in Malaga everything happens, a prisoner is released, the army joins the processions, young people enjoy the night and the streets are filled with people. Among the brotherhoods there is usually a healthy competition regarding floral arrangements, mantles and processions. In Fetajo Rent a car, Car hire mijas, we suggest the best routes to enjoy Málaga.

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It´s not easy to move the religious thrones. To get an idea, in other cities thirty or forty carriers participate in the carrying , but in Malaga there are thrones so big it takes more than 200 carriers to move them.

Music bands are mixed with the passionated gypsies´ songs .They closely follow the figure of Christ, awith dark skin, as dark as their own. In Malaga there exists a close relationship between the Legion and the city. In the morning of Holy Thursday, there is a solemn ceremony, a parade before the authorities and the people, a few hours before the procession. The legionnaires sing their hymn about their love for death while carrying a Christ at the time facing her.

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Nothing can be more exciting than when two thrones meat on the Alameda, one that goes out and another that comes back. The holy week in Malaga is primarily a social event, people put on their finest clothes and even though there are a lot of tourists it’s a festival for the people of Malaga watching people from Malaga parading.

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