Enjoy the architecture in Malaga. Route of buildings

Enjoy the architecture in Malaga. Route of buildings.

Edificio rectorado Malaga rent a car MalagaThe tour guide us through the buildings of Malaga built between 1820 and 1956. The first visit is the park of Malaga where we see the Mayor gardener’s house which was built in 1912 and designed by architect Manuel Rivera Vera. The house, as the name reveals, was used by those responsible for the maintenance of the park. When this function stopped the building was adapted for other uses such as tourism office and recently the central of the hosting of Malaga European city 2016. Enjoy  Málaga es más fácil with rent a car Malaga Fetajo.

From the park of Malaga we go to the old post office building. It’s built in Neomudejar style, this style is characterized by designing buildings using old style features, including abstract brick forms and horseshoe arches. Currently the building is called the Rectory building and was built between 1916 and 1926 by Theodore of Anasagasti. It´s the first and only neomudéjar building in Malaga and in the inside we find a central courtyard with the lockers of the office staff in the perimeter.

Museo edificio correos Málaga car Hire malagaDuring one of the rehabilitations of the building the remains of an ancient wall built by the Phoenicians were found in the courtyard. Remains of the Phoenician city have also been found in other buildings such as the Picasso museum. During the excavations remains of Roman civilization were also discovered, such as the chambers that were used to preserve salt fish and food.

The Post Office building was a fully functional building that housed the staff attending the customers. The central courtyard was lit by a beautiful glass roof that gave shelter to the people waiting to be attended.

Currently the rectory building is also used for exhibitions of paintings from for example the Faculty of Fine Arts whose students this way has the opportunity to show their work to the public. The top of the building, where once the mail was delivered is currently used as a museum.

Monumento al Marqués de Larios y Larios Málaga Rent a car Malaga

We leave the post office building and with the Car Hire Malaga Airport we head to the monument of the Marquéz de Larios, Manuel Domingo Larios and Larios, who was born in 1836 in Malaga within a family belonging to the illustrious domain Tejada. He´s the second marquisate in succession and the heritage was practically done and consolidated. The family history put him as the administrative figure of its assets and businesses after the death of his father.

In 1873 he became the managing partner of the Society of children of Martin Larios. His most important work in Malaga city was the building of the street Marqués de Larios. For this work and as a tribute to the family it was commanded to build a monument in his honor.

The monument is a pyramid of Gloria, paying tribute to him. On a lower floor, behind you can see what´s known as the anonymous worker and on the other side, on the front side and also on a lower floor below you can see the representation of charity, embodied in the mother and the messenger child.
All this is built on a uniform base up to the graceful pedestal that springs from the center of the monument. This architectural monument becomes a public tribute due to the subordination of the secondary figures to the main character. The Marquéz de Larios died in Paris 1895, childless.

Edificio banco de España Málaga car hire malaga

To continue the tour it´s worth discovering the building of the Bank of Spain, built during the Spanish Civil War. The construction started 1936 and ended 1939 and you can see historic architectural symbols with important fascist influences. An imposing entrance with six huge columns was constructed and it is where the Bank of Spain is housed.

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