Get to know the best corners of Marbella

During this tour guide’ll take a tour of the most interesting destinations sights in Marbella , the town best known of the Costa de Sol. It is a town with a spectacular heritage, but if you have and the truth is that is worth knowing . Emblematic streets as Calle Aduar.

Marbella has many options for activities here I’ll tell you . On the other hand, I will speak of its best beaches , so that only you’re headed that really worth. This course of which I speak will support him with a map of the entire route, so will not have to look for anything!

To have knowledge of how this distributed Marbella, the town is divided into four fairly large districts : Marbella Centro (the town), San Pedro de Alcántara, Nueva Andalucía and Las Chapas.

The last two districts have an infinite number of developments inside. For example, in Nueva Andalucía, you will find the exclusive resort of Puerto Banus . In this development, and throughout all the people, you find luxury, high standard of living, and amazing golf courseswhere you can relax.

Get to know the best corners of Marbella 1

If instead of an organized route as you wont before, prefer it your way, go to the content of all sites to visit in Marbella , so that they prepare at your leisure. Each I show you are on the map on the menu Horizonta l. We also tell the sites and areas where to stay in Marbella and where to eat.

Here I leave an index with the content for you to move your craving for this article. Come with me to discover the best destinations in Marbella.

I will begin to describe the tour that I have prepared for you to see Marbella. To begin the journey, I will do as I always do in Ilutravel.com, and start the route by the hotel I recommend the content of where to stay, so that everything begins with a sense. In Marbella the day begins at the Hotel Fuerte Marbella . It is conveniently located opposite the beach of Venus and just 500 meters from the center , 5 minutes walk.

If you need to stay and have not made a reservation, I recommend that you book your hotel through Booking.com . It is the reservation center that receives more requests for accommodation . What are you waiting for?

Get to know the best corners of Marbella 2

It is one of the great natural spaces that the city, the history of the Alameda Park dates back to the eighteenth century , it gives a nice walk to go “warming up”.

From the park to the next point of interest, you will begin to know the historic center of Marbella . To get to the Ermita de Santiago , you’re seeing the oldest building of the Catholic Church in Marbella. It is located on what was once an ancient mosque . Its construction dates back to the sixteenth century.

Get to know the best corners of Marbella 3

Orange Square and City Hall

The Plaza de los Naranjos is the place where more people day after day meets in Marbella , tourists and residents of the municipality. It is an ideal place to take a lunch at noon or some churros at breakfast, I’m sure you’ll love enjoy it . His name is because everything in it is planted with orange trees, which have made it a soft scent of this delicious fruit .

Another tourist sites on this tour is the Marbella Town Hall, a building that was built in 1568, is Renaissance style.

Get to know the best corners of Marbella 4

Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation and Wall of the Castle

I follow the route through the old center of this beautiful town on the Costa of the Sun, to take you to the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation . It was built on what was previously a mosque in the sixteenth century . I can highlight inside the Appellate Sol Mayor, the most important of the twentieth century musical instrument built in Spain. Almost nothing. Its entrance is free.

To get to the next place you can go for two, one more direct different ways, which will not take you through the center of Marbella, and one which is why I’ll follow guide to knowing their historical district. The Wall of Marbella Castle is the most important trace left by the Arabs in the village . In ancient times, this castle was safeguarded by 10 towers along the entire wall. It is considered in Marbella as the “little fortress”. Its construction dates back to the eleventh century. Can not enter, interior is not passable .

Get to know the best corners of Marbella 5

Bonsai Museum

Of the things I’ve recommended you, this is the only place where you have to pay. The Museum of Bonsai is one of the most interesting places in the city. It is a pretty unique place in Spain, having knowledge exists only similar in Almuñécar, although this is larger and receives annually visited by thousands of tourists interested in this beautiful hobby . Its entrance is 4 € but I assure you it will be worth. The museum is located inside the Park Dam. Click on the link to the Museum for more information.

I get the lunch, now what?

To eat, if you have not taken anything already on the different terraces there for the people, I recommend you do it in a place that catches you by the way, returning to the old town of Marbella. The restaurant is called Caperuza Bistro . In it you will taste a good fish of the day in the area. This is imperative, review your letter and make up your mind.

What if I recommend is that now you book with them through Eltenedor.es , so in this way you avoid having to wait in line to eat. you dare?

Get to know the best corners of Marbella 6

Avenue Sea and Promenade

Once you’ve eaten, I’ll take to see the Avenue of the Sea, one of the most visited sites in Marbella . On the Avenue of the Sea you will find bronze sculptures of Salvador Dalí permanently. Undoubtedly, a place worth. This concludes all the best sights in the old town of Marbella .

As regards the promenade is a walk of about 7 kms through the main beaches of the city and ends in Puerto Banus. It is a place ideal for jogging , go see the various craft stalls there, drink in pubs and bars that you will encounter. In short, it is an essential place to go touring Marbella and its beaches, Nagüelles Beach and Playa de Casablanca, among others. You will pass in front of El Faro de Marbella , the marina and many sand sculptures you’ll see throughout the promenade. A quiet road along the coast of Marbella.

Things to do on holiday in Marbella

If you go on holiday to Marbella or the surrounding part of the tourist sites I’ve recommended you there are plenty of things you can do ‘ll tell you the most important.

Get to know the best corners of Marbella 7

Puerto Banus

t is very typical to go to Puerto Banus and watch the luxury there this very exclusive area of Marbella. Usual it is to see high – end cars through the streets , or along the harbor. It is a busy area by Arab sheikhs who are much given to public ostentation. In Puerto Banus you can also take a photo of luxury yachts that populate the port area. You’ll love it.

Play golf

Whether you’re an amateur or not, you have to go play golf at some field. In Marbella are some of the best golf courses in the world . Fields such as Cala Resort, Quinta Golf & Club, Los Naranjos Golf and Club de Golf Rio Real . Go and enjoy.

Get to know the best corners of Marbella 8

Activities at sea

The sea is one of the major players, there are several common activities. You can go scuba diving on their shores, with some specialized companies that are in the area .

More things you can do is give you a nice boat ride. You can even rent one for your enjoyment . Are you going to miss it?

Other Things to Do

Marbella ‘s night, the nightlife is very famous for the luxury that accompanies it . It also has a great atmosphere almost any day of the year . You find tablaos like Ana Maria, the famous Buddha Bar, located on the Avenida de Mar. Discotheques Sunset and Seven also complete the night in this city of the Sun Coast.

Best beaches in Marbella

As I already mentioned at the beginning of the post, Marbella is divided into several districts and their developments once. Thus , the village has a stunning coastline where many of the beaches are crowded’ll only list the best. In fact, you should know that has more blue flags than any other beach in Andalucia . In the map above you you have them all marked.

  • Lighthouse Beach is located next to the marina.
  • Venus Beach is ideal if you go with children, it is one of the most visited by travelers.
  • Cabopino and Artola Dunes Beach , in great surroundings is one of the most valued of all the Andalusian coast. This in a protected area. Part of the beach is nudist. Cabopino is arguably the most important beach visit.
  • Real Zaragoza , sandy 1.6kms a great place because people do not throng. Essential.
  • Rio Verde is located in Puerto Banus and always has a high occupancy. Still, it’s worth it. It has the best services.
  • Playa Nagüeles is situated on the famous Golden Mile of Marbella, very well maintained.

These are some of the essential payas of Marbella , if you want to know the best in the province of Malaga, I recommend you go to the content that I have prepared for you.

Get to know the best corners of Marbella 9

What I can do near Marbella?

Around Marbella you’ll find plenty of people who can visit . And it is that tourism is in Malaga is extensive. I will recommend nearby villages that are interesting and are about 50/60 kms drive maximum. Nestled in the heart of nature and the outdoors. You want to know these people? Accompany me.

AP-7 and direction Estepona (town to visit), you will find: Benahavis and you can also see something farther, Casares .

Way of the beautiful town of Ronda , you can see Júzcar , the Smurf village known, Parauta , or know Benaoján located in the heart of Sierra de Grazalema .

If you visit Álora before you get very close to Marbella , Ojen , Yunquera , next to the Parque Natural Sierra de las Nieves , Casarabonela and past Alora, a very nice village for sightseeing as Carratraca.

Other inland villages that are scattered geography and Malaga are nearby are: Mijas (another thing Mijas-Costa), you can also see Genalguacil .

Interesting beach towns to visit are: Benalmádena , Torremolinos and Fuengirola . All municipalities with things to see, beyond its beaches. I’m sure you’ll love.

I recommend, though somewhat remote, sightseeing in Gibraltar .

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