Parish of the Holy Martyrs

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During the period of the catholic kings, four parishes were built in Malaga, and they decided to divide the christian world in Malaga into four parishes: the church of Santiago, the church of San Juan, the church of Santa María and finally the church of the Martyrs.

The Church of the Holy Martyrs is dedicated to the patrons of Malaga, San Ciriacos and Santa Paula. It is a church that was enlarged in the 18th century, restored and rebuilt and, in the end, due to the numerous problems throughout its history, Its last restoration was carried out in the year 1945. The best way to discover Malaga is with rent a car Malaga Airport

Parroquia de los Santos Mártires


The tower is Gothic-Moorish, was rebuilt in the seventeenth century since the first tower was completely destroyed. To speak of the church of the Holy Martyrs is to speak of earthquakes, plagues and wars. All this has affected the survival of the church that today is one of those which has the greater devotion, since five brotherhoods of the Holy Week have their headquarters in this parish. Visit Malaga with Fetajo Car Hire Malaga airport.

Parroquia de los Santos Mártires interior rent a car Malaga


Inside the church we find a baroque interior decoration. The church was built in the sixteenth century in a Gothic-Moorish style, but the passage of time has been changing the architectural details and decoration, especially in the interior. The first important modification was made in the eighteenth century, when the side aisles were added and an important modification of the interior decoration was made. You can visit the church of the Holy Martyrs with car Hire Mijas.

Figuras y santos Parroquia de los Santos Mártires interior rent a car Malaga


In the interior, you can see a sample of the so-called rococo baroque style, it is an exuberant baroque, colorful and polychromed in gold. The church of the martyrs is one of the most important churches in Spain in terms of iconography, entering this church is entering a book of sacred history, it is to know the passion and the life of Jesus and Mary. For all this, it is the church that houses the greatest number of brotherhoods in its interior during the holy week, but also there are other brotherhoods that make their processions outside of the Easter week, during the day of its saints or of its venerations. Discover Malaga with Rent a car Málaga

Figuras y santos Parroquia de los Santos Mártires interior


In the interior of the church, we find the virgin of the remedies, one of the most revered virgins. This image of Mary, mother of Jesus, has a long history, first it allows us to understand the figure of Mary within the apocalypse.

We will also find the figure of Our Lady of Carmen. With this image, we can better understand the Lutheran reform of the 17th century, where prevails the fact that to reach God, the intervention or vocation of the saints is not necessary, it is simply necessary to arrive through Faith.

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