Fountain of the Bishop’s Palace

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The bishop’s square is named after the palace that stands right in front of it, a 18th century palace. In the center of the square, there is a fountain of simple build made at the end of the 18th century and completed in 1776, but it was not provided with water until ten years later, when the works of the aqueduct of San Telmo were completed, which supplied water to the city of Malaga. The best way to discover Malaga is with  ren a car Malaga Airport  Fetajorentacar.

Fuente del Palacio del Obispo car hire malaga airport

The fountain is a very simple monument, a cup on which there is a decoration reminiscent of the Solomonic columns. The fountain has a sober and simple appearance. It was built with gray marble stone, like the front of the Episcopal Palace, and consists of two cups and a pineapple at the top from where the water flows. With the reform of the square in 1998, the surrounding gardens have been removed and replaced with a step style base.

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The Bishop’s Palace, the works of the architect Antonio Ramos, is the most important work of its author and one of the best examples of Malaga’s civil architecture, and in it Ramos distributes the surrounding spaces around two successive courtyards, grouping around the first of them the public area of the whole and raising a low body with arches, while in the second has its open fronts with balconies, located on one side is an imperial double-ladder stairs that communicates with the upper area of the palace. Visit Malaga with Fetajo  Car Hire Malaga airport.

Around the second patio, also organized in two floors of height with a light structure of arcade, the private dependencies that are destined to the prelate are distributed.

Eating out in Luz de Candela

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Contact: http://www.la-luz-de-candela.com/

La Luz de Candela is a seasonal cuisine restaurant. A small restaurant with eleven tables, located in Malaga. La Luz de Candela works with local producers to offer quality and affordable seasonal Mediterranean cuisine.


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Everything in this restaurant is ‘cooked’ to enjoy authentic cuisine. From the ambient music to the rhythm of jazz, to the musicality of the waiters when reciting the special dishes of the day. You can taste an exquisite soup of carrots with red peppers, a sea bass with impressive ratatouille and a cold cod untied with tomato and olive. Discover Malaga with car rental in Malaga

The Fountain of Genoa

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The source of Genoa, also called the source of the swans, is popularly known by the name of the travel source because it has been located in different places of the city following the direction and the urbanistic rhythm of itself. This fountain was built between 1540 and 1560 with marble from Geneva by an anonymous author. In 1633 a local sculptor, José Micael Alfaro, made the base and the second sculptural group to give more height to the ensemble. The fountain follows a renaissance style, even mannerist.

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In the first part of the fountain we see figures. They are sirens with interlaced tails that try to embrace the whole perimeter of the fountain. Next, we see three nymphs that are supporting the weight of the two upper stretches. Finally, in the upper part, we see an eagle by the mouth from which the water comes out of the fountain. Visit Malaga with Fetajo Car Hire Malaga airport.

The fountain was built with a double use, one is a decorative side and on the other hand is the water supply to the inhabitants of Malaga, the lower part also was used as an animal drinking trough.


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