After 2 years without being able to start one of the most anticipated weeks by millions and millions of people, this 2022 Holy Week returns. In Malaga there is a great devotion for this week that always begins on the Sunday before the first full moon of spring: the famous “Domingo de Ramos”.

Next, we will tell you about some of the most interesting curiosities and, in our opinion, the best of Malaga’s Holy Week, so that you can make the most of it!

Why is Holy Week celebrated after the first full moon of the spring equinox?

It all goes back to Easter. And you will ask yourself, “why?” Well, everything points to the date of Christ’s death in the Christian religion, which took place near the celebration of the Jewish Passover (Pesach), between March and April. In fact, in the well-known “Last Supper” Jesus Christ celebrated this Jewish holiday with his holy apostles, according to the Christian religion.

In this way, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated, whose official day is «Domingo de Pascua» or, better known as «Domingo de Resurrección».

Holy Week Curiosities Malaga

«Tronos» of Malaga

In Malaga, the famous “Pasos de Semana Santa” have always been called “Tronos“. This is explained by the fact that in Malaga there are “Hombres de Trono“, who carry the “Varales” on their shoulders.

What are "Varales"?

They are metal structures a few meters long, which serve as a support to move the throne.


Malaga Cathedral · "La Manquita"

Malaga Cathedral has the particularity of having a single tower on one of its corners, which is why it is affectionately called “La Manquita”.

The side naves of the Cathedral reach the same height as the central nave. Like many of the ecclesiastical constructions, the construction was delayed in time and economic problems were the cause of such a long construction. They lasted so long that in that period several architectural styles followed one another: Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical.


Many of the side chapels contain precious works of art that are preserved in perfect condition, in addition the enclosure preserves some curiosities, such as the painting over 10 meters high whose extravagance is that it was painted on an elephant skin. You can also see an 18th century Christ carved on an ivory horn, a crucifix with a height of 70 centimeters, which makes you imagine the imposing size of the elephant’s tusk. Among the jewels of the Cathedral Museum there is also a Morales and a Rivera.

The normal thing is that the brotherhoods make their penance station in the Cathedral. Some will not enter inside (normally due to its dimensions), but will remain right in the Plaza del Obispo.

"Tronos" Weight

It is not easy to move these “tronos”. You just have to see that in other cities there are more than thirty or forty people and in Malaga you can find “tronos” carried by more than 200 people.

To give you an idea of ​​the Malaga “Tronos” weight, we are going to show you an estimate of the heaviest of the group of brotherhoods that parade:

Virgen de la Esperanza de Málaga

· The largest throne in the world ·
+ 0 Kg.

Virgen de Dolores Coronada

· A relic of the Archconfraternity of Expiration ·
+ 0 Kg.

Virgen de Dolores Coronada

· A "trono" full of baroque and expectation ·
+ 0 Kg.

La Alameda · A Catwalk during Holy Week in Malaga

The “Alameda Principal“, becomes a long walkway where you can see the passage of many brotherhoods. Different spaces are reserved to set up different stands and chairs. In this way, spectators have the option of paying per seat and contemplating from a privileged place the different thrones that pass through the Alameda Principal.

The private passage of cars through the Alameda will not be possible, due to the official route of Holy Week in Malaga. If you have hired a rent a car in Malaga, it is best to park in the “Las Chapas” area and walk down to the center, as it will be difficult to park. Otherwise, you can also try to park in one of the Malaga Centro car parks, but the most profitable is to park outside the center.


The Best of Holy Week in Malaga

"Los Encierros"

After the procession and upon arrival at the brotherhood house, one of the most enigmatic events of Holy Week in Malaga occurs. Normally, the squares fill up to see the “tronos” enclose and they respond by giving their best. When the forces weaken, the “hombres de trono” are capable of climbing “a pulso” their “trono” more than once and thus finishing the official tour.

"Los Pulsos"

We have mentioned it before and it is that “los pulsos” represent one of the most significant events of this week. The “hombres de trono” raise the “trono” at the same time with the palm of their hands. This occurs when the butler rings the attention bell three times and then only once to execute the pulse. In the same way it happens to lower the throne: 3 touches to the bell and 1 to execute the descent to the normal position.


Prisoner Release

“Hermandad El Rico” has a tradition of releasing a prisoner every Holy Week. Everything goes back to the time of King Carlos III (more than 270 years ago), when he granted the brotherhood the privilege of freeing a prisoner at Holy Week.

Every year, the act of liberation takes place in Malaga Cathedral and has become one of the most characteristic acts of the week. The released prisoner must comply with the corresponding legal requirements for his release.

You will be able to witness the act on Holy Wednesday, the day of the official tour of this brotherhood.


The dark streets while "Las Servitas" passes

On Good Friday, “Las Servitas” procession takes place, a short but very emotional journey. The procession goes to the rhythm of the prayers of its penitents, along with the darkness that leaves behind. In Malaga, “Las Servitas” tradition is very characteristic due to the blackout of lights in the streets through which it passes.


"Las Saetas"

It is very typical for someone to sing on a balcony or in the middle of the street. “La Saeta” is a very typical religious song in Andalusia, which becomes very emotional in the environment. Everyone is silent, including the bands, when someone begins this chant that points directly to the “trono”.


There are many ways to take advantage of Holy Week in Malaga. You can immerse yourself in Malaga atmosphere and live it as many people do, or you can also choose other plans.

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PS: if you go down to Malaga Center to see the processions, go to a “Papas Asadas Stand” to recharge your batteries (there is nothing more typical than eating a roasted potato in the street).

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