Advice for changing the oil in your car

Change oil car hire malaga airport

For cars that use standard car oil, an oil change could cost anything between 20€ and 55€. If the car requires synthetic oil, this cost will rise and could be between 45 and 70€.
Now, if you prefer to do it yourself and not pay for the labour, the average price of the materials could cost between 15 and 25€, always depending on the type and grade of oil used.

Change oil car hire malaga airport

If you want to change the oil yourself, you will need:
• A jack, to lift the car
• A funnel
• Latex gloves
• Oil drain pan
• Oil filter wrench
• Replacement drain plug washer
• Box spanner
• Wedges for the wheels

A large majority of cars that use standard oil should have an oil change every 3.000 to 5.000 km or every three months, whichever comes first.
If professionals service your car, a small sticker will be placed on your windscreen indicating the next service date. If you do your own oil change, it will be up to you to record the date and the kilometres so that you can keep your vehicle working problem-free. Hire your car with Fetajo Rent a Car today!

change oil rent a car malaga

Although changing the car oil is not difficult, it is important to be careful and meticulous. Using an incorrect oil will affect the hydraulic components and damage the engine. Adding too little oil will result in a damaging lack of lubrication to the engine pieces, while overfilling causes oil leaks from engine seals and joints. Simple errors like not pushing in the drain plug or forgetting to take out the old oil filter joint could drain the oil out of your car and cost you a new engine. To guarantee the most effective oil change possible, follow this advice:

  • If the engine is hot, let it cool down for 20 to 30 minutes before you change the oil.
  • For faster oil drainage, warm up a cold car for two to three minutes before changing the oil.
  • Use a drain pan and funnel to avoid spills.
  • Use latex gloves and keep a roll of paper towels handy.
  • Buy an oil absorbent product for fast cleaning.
  • Protect your garage floor by placing plastic under the car and remove it when you have finished.
  • After you have filled the oil filter, for a better fit, sprinkle a little oil on the seal before installing it.
  • Use a dynamometric key to tighten the oil plug.
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