Summer is one of the favorite times for many people to travel to Malaga. Being the Costa del Sol, summer is the sunniest season of the year and the offer of plans is immense, as well as fun. Do you want to know our 5 best reasons to travel to Malaga in summer? Coming up next, we tell you!

Being able to Fully enjoy the Best Beaches on the Costa del Sol

Vacationing without a beach…is not vacationing. The sunny season par excellence, allows you to make the most of the best beaches on the Costa del Sol and some of the best beaches in Andalusia. In the province of Malaga, you can find virgin beaches where you can enjoy the sea breeze, the sand and the feeling of spending your well-deserved vacation.

Burriana Beach · Nerja

This is the most popular beach in Nerja and is surrounded by possibilities to stay in tourist apartments. In addition, nearby you can find souvenir shops, ice cream parlors, restaurants and clothing stores. It has, since 2018, the Q for Tourist Quality and every year it is awarded the Blue Flag. If you stay in Nerja, you can get there on foot (although if you are traveling with children or older people, it is best to take a car or another type of transport).

Maro Beach · Nerja

Very close to Burriana Beach, you will find this small beach full of charm and crystal clear waters. Without a doubt, it is one of the best beaches for snorkeling and observing the marine fauna that this area of ​​Malaga hides. It was named a few years ago as the second best beach in Spain, by the famous television network, Antena 3. Another peculiarity of Maro is that in the mythical Spanish series, “Verano Azul”, some scenes took place where this beach was known as “The Small Cove”. (By the way, this is one of our favorite beaches)

Cabopino Beach · Marbella

Shallow and with fine golden sand, Cabopino Beach is one of the best places to enjoy the summer in Malaga. To highlight, the cleanliness of its waters and its location in the middle of a natural area, called “Dunas de Artola” or “Dunas de Cabopino”. It is also worth noting that it is a semi-private beach. The eastern area, closest to the marina, is not considered nudist; while the western area of ​​Cabopino is the naturist area, where there are both people who practice nudism and people who do not (it really is mixed).

Nagüelles Beach · Marbella

Characteristic for its wooden bridge that enters the sea, Nagüelles is very popular among a public of medium-high purchasing power. In fact, it is very common to meet celebrities in this area. It is located at the foot of the Marbella Club Hotel and the Puente Romano Hotel in Marbella. Both hotels maintain a great exclusivity and are well known throughout the world. Its access is made much easier by staying in nearby hotels and apartments. Otherwise, it is somewhat more difficult having to park near the Main Avenue of Marbella and accessing on foot.

Calahonda Beach · Mijas Costa

With the Blue Flag seal, this beach located in Mijas Costa, has calm waters and its sand is golden brown. In summer it is usually quite crowded, so we advise you to come early to get the place you prefer. In summer you can see a large number of people who stay in the area to enjoy the most urbanized areas and the most virgin areas full of vegetation. The location of Mijas Costa allows you to visit other beach areas and expand the offer of places to visit on your trip to Malaga. In addition, 2 of our offices are located right here, so if you need help when renting a car in Malaga, call us or visit us during office hours 😊​.

Benajarafe Beach · Vélez-Málaga

In the municipality of Vélez-Málaga is one of the longest beaches in the province of Malaga. Its color is somewhat darker and it has a long and modern promenade. Access is made very easy, as there are different parking possibilities on the street. The Benajarafe area is perfect to stay in summer and enjoy apartments on the beach. In addition, the promenade has a wide variety of beach bars and, if you come with children, there is a small but very fun playground for them.

Take advantage of the 12 Hours of Light that Summer in Malaga offers you

The Sun Station is a joy in Malaga. You will be able to enjoy a day full of sensations, where you will have the chance to rest, go to the beach, go sightseeing, party, walk “a la fresca” of the night, etc. In case you didn’t already know, summer is the brightest season on “La Costa del Sol” and offers the brightest day of the year. Have you heard of the “Night of San Juan” in Malaga?

San Juans Night

In Spain there is a deep-rooted tradition, where the “Noche de San Juan” always takes place on the brightest day of the year.

What is the origin of San Juans Night?

Everything goes back to the Christian religion and to the figure of Saint John the Baptist who was born on June 24. According to the Bible, his father sent a message for a fire to be lit to announce the birth of his son.

What is the tradition of San Juans Night?

In Malaga, everyone meets on the beaches: friends, family, couples, etc. The meeting usually takes place before nightfall, especially to get a seat, since the beaches get crowded.

The tradition consists of making a “moraga” (that is what it is called in Malaga to spend the night on the beach partying), lighting a bonfire and burning some large dolls, called “júas”. They say that jumping the bonfires brings good luck. As a peculiarity, many students also dare to burn their books and notes saying goodbye to the school year.

At 00:00 most of them head towards the sea water to bathe or get their feet wet. Tradition says that the bad is left behind and a new, better stage begins.

On many beaches in Malaga, tents are set up with different events and guest artists. In addition, fireworks are also thrown as a sign of celebration.

Sunsets at 9:00 p.m.

You have thousands of possibilities to see the sunset of Malaga in Summer. You can accompany it with good company, a beer, a wine or simply the silence of the sunset itself.

Where to see the Malaga Sunset in Summer?

Although you can investigate and come across a place that ends up falling in love with you, from Fetajo we are going to advise you to go to our selection of the 3 best viewpoints to watch the sunset in Malaga.

  1. Baños del Carmen. Arriving at Pedregalejo, you will find a little corner of virgin beach next to a nice restaurant by the sea. This restaurant is called “El Balneario” and it is one of our favorite places to watch the sunset, along with good food and a cold beer.
  2. Gibralfaro Viewpoint. In the heart of Malaga, going up to the Alcazaba, you will find the most emblematic viewpoint of the city, “Gibralfaro”. With these beautiful views and the characteristic color of the Malaga sunset, you will have the opportunity to capture a photo to remember.
  3. Monte San Antón. Being the best option to arrive by car, you can park just before the start of the “Pinares San Antón” route. From the beginning of the route, from the South Entrance to the East Viewpoint, it can take approximately half an hour. Upon arrival you will find a beautiful panoramic view of all of Malaga, where you can even see Rincón de la Victoria in the distance. Its access by car through Google Maps is relatively easy.
Summer in Malaga · The 5 Best Reasons to Come ✔ 1

The Thousands of Outdoor Activities

One of the things that summer has to offer is the infinity of outdoor plans available, thanks to the weather. What activities could you plan for this summer in Malaga?

Kayaking and Snorkeling

There are many possibilities to book a Kayak and Snorkel experience in Malaga. Among the possibilities, we recommend that you do not miss the experience due to the location of Nerja and Maro. The landscapes that you will be able to explore, in addition to all the marine fauna that inhabits this area of ​​the Coast, are incredible.

El Cine de Verano · (The Summer Cinema)

Do you know that summer in Malaga offers you the chance to enjoy the open-air cinema? And yes, it’s FREE. The Summer Cinema in Malaga is distributed in different spaces, by 11 districts of Malaga Capital:

District 1

  • Centro. Auditorio Eduardo Ocón
  • Centro. Parque San Miguel
  • Centro. Playa de la Malagueta
  • Cine Albéniz

District 2

  • Málaga Este. Playa El Dedo. El Palo
  • Málaga Este. Playa Las Acacias. Pedregalejo

District 3

  • Ciudad Jardín. Jardín Botánico – Histórico La Concepción
  • Ciudad Jardín. Parque de la Alegría

District 4

  • Bailén-Miraflores. Parque del Norte

District 5

  • Palma-Palmilla. Centro ciudadano Valle-Inclán (Avd. de la Palmilla, 16)

District 6

  • Cruz Humilladero. Centro Social Rafael González Luna (C/ Virgen de la Candelaria, 2)

District 7

  • Carretera de Cádiz. Colección del Museo Ruso de San Petersburgo/Málaga. Plaza de Tabacalera
  • Carretera de Cádiz. Parque del Oeste
  • Carretera de Cádiz. Playa de la Misericordia

District 8

  • Churriana. Plaza de la Inmaculada

District 9

  • Campanillas. C.E.I.P. Cayetano Bolívar. (C/ Romero, 2, Bda. Sta. Rosalía – Maqueda)
  • Campanillas. C.E.I.P. Francisco de Quevedo (C/ Tizziano s/n, Urbanización Brillante)

District 10

  • Puerto de la Torre. Caseta Municipal del Recinto Ferial

District 11

  • Teatinos-Universidad. Parque del Cine

La Feria de Málaga · (The Malaga Fair)

Are you planning to party this summer in Malaga? Party plus open air could not be anything other than the Fair in Malaga. After 2 years without a fair, due to the pandemic, this 2022 the Fair in Malaga is presented as one of the biggest summer parties in Spain. Good atmosphere, lots of music, multitude of cultures, attractions of all kinds, diversity of gastronomy, booths open until 6 in the morning, multitude of bus lines to go and return, etc.
Summer in Malaga · The 5 Best Reasons to Come ✔ 2

When does the Malaga Fair 2022 start?

The dates, both the start and the end, are already scheduled for this 2022, from August 13 to 20.

Malaga Food in Summer

Who wants to come to Malaga without enjoying its gastronomy and good weather? We think no one. Eating fresh seasonal dishes in Malaga is easier if you know what they are, right? We tell you what some of them are:
  • “Porra Antequerana”
  • “Ajo Blanco”
  • Anchovies in Vinegar
  • Anchovies with Lemon
  • “Espetos” (the typical Malaga sardines)
  • Plate of the Mountains
  • Eggplants with cane honey
  • Malaga Coquinas
  • (…)
Also from time to time, you can go to a “campero” for dinner or a good “mollete antequerano mixto” for breakfast or a snack 😜​. It is always nice to be recommended local places, so we have left you with our TOP 3 of the best places for tapas in Malaga, so that you can make the most of your summer holidays in Malaga.
Summer in Malaga · The 5 Best Reasons to Come ✔ 3


Beach, good weather, good food, days full of light and thousands of outdoor plans. These are our favorite reasons to spend the summer holidays here. Coming to Malaga in summer is an ideal opportunity for your holidays and for all audiences. Whether you want to come to relax, enjoy a good party or come with your children, this season offers thousands of possibilities for the type of vacation you want. We could already tell you that (…) you will not get bored of the things to see on the Costa del Sol. Maybe you need help with your displacement to travel calmly through Malaga? Call us, talk to us by Whatsapp or through our Social Networks 🤗.
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