Do you know the famous Smurf Town? It is called Júzcar and is located to the west of the province of Malaga. Surely you are looking for things to do to spend the day in one of the most characteristic towns of Andalusia. Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you about the best plans to visit the Smurf Town and make the most of your stay.

First, why did it start to be called "Smurf Town"?

It all started in 2011 when Júzcar was chosen to promote the famous cartoon film: The Smurfs 3D. In principle the houses would be dyed blue temporarily, but it remained permanently. To this day, the town is still as blue as the first day of 2011.

The town of Júzcar was chosen by Sony Spain to promote the film, because the blue creatures called “smurfs” live in mushrooms and in this town there is a great mycological wealth (related to fungi). In Júzcar you can find up to 150 species of mushrooms, which explains this!

As of 2017 the town had copyright problems, so it was renamed “The Blue Village”, but we all still call him “The Smurf Town”.


Now yes, what is the best thing about "The Smurf Town" in Malaga?

Whether you come with children, friends or a partner, spending a day in Júzcar is great. Next, we tell you our selection of the best plans to visit the blue town.

The Graffiti Route | "La Ruta de los Graffitis"

Up to 14 graffiti scattered around the “Blue Town”, where especially children will go crazy. Why? Because each one has a QR that together will unmask the secret they have kept.

Walking through the town you will find the map of the route. The route will tell you the correct order and where you should go. This is the order you will find:

  1. The mushroom | “La seta”
  2. The wasp | “La avispa”
  3. Start the path | “Comienzo el sendero”
  4. The dungeon | “La mazmorra”
  5. The well | “El pozo”
  6. The forge | “La fragua”
  7. The big party | “La gran fiesta”
  8. The birdhouse | “El pajarraco”
  9. The haystack | “El pajar”
  10. Between mushrooms | “Entre setas”
  11. The forest | “El bosque”
  12. The blue village | “La aldea azul”
  13. Butterflies | “Mariposas”
  14. The park | “El parque”

Smurfs Statues

You can also take the opportunity to find all the statues of “smurfs” that are scattered around the town and take a picture with them.

Júzcar • What to do in the famous Smurf Town 1

Tapas in “The Blue Village”

During your stay in the town, you can find different places to stop to have some good tapas. Where do we recommend you go?

Bar Torricheli

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Bar ParribaPabajo

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El Casarón

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Of course, you can also try a site that catches your eye, improvising is always great!

The Adventure Route | "La Ruta de la Aventura"

You will surely come across this poster. Getting to the Adventure Route is very easy and having fun doing it is super simple.


In 2018, Júzcar opened its own adventure park. With this, he intended to launch a plan of outdoor activities for the whole family and has become one of the main attractions to visit “El Pueblo Azul“.

¿ What attractions are there? on the Júzcar Adventure Route?

  1. “El Salto del Villano” • Zip line of 200 m. of 20 seconds
  2. “El Salto del Gran Azul” • Zip line of 150 m. duration and 15 seconds
  3. “Horizontal Bouldering” • Block climbing or bouldering
  4. “Ascenso del Fortachón” • Vertical block climbing
  5. “Ascenso del Gruñón” • A second ascent in vertical block
  6. Finally, el “Paso del Bromista” • 5 meter long Tibetan bridge

What is the price of the Juzcar zip lines?

In Yumping they have an offer of €15 for the two Juzcar zip lines. You will have access to “El Salto del Villano” and “El Salto del Gran Azul” for this price. An ideal opportunity to tour the city center in style.

How far is Júzcar from Málaga Capital?


From Malaga to “Pueblo Pitufo” by car, it will take approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes.

And how long does it take from Mijas • Fuengirola to “The Smurf Town”?

If you start the trip from Mijas • Fuengirola, the journey is somewhat shorter. It will take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.


Don't let them tell you about it • Visit Juzcar with your own eyes

The best thing you can do is visit the mythical “Pueblo Smurf” with your own feet and discover all the charm it hides.

Finally, we wanted to show you our favorite viewpoint. It is called “El Jardón” and you can find beautiful views of the blue town.


You can also find two other viewpoints:

  • “La Torrichuela” Viewpoint
  • “San José” Viewpoint

When you go, tell us in the comments what your favorite viewpoint has been!

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