Practical tips for driving in the rain


Once the rainy season arrives, it is advisable to check certain aspects of the vehicle to ensure safe driving on the road.

conduccion con lluvia car hire malaga airport


The first aspect to check is the tires condition, the wheels drawing relief is important to drain the water and to avoid possible landslides on the wet road. Discover our rent a car service in Car Hire Malaga Airport.


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Once set in motion, it is very important to know that speed is one of the most important factors to ensure a safe driving, it is proven that traffic accidents increase in adverse weather conditions, for this reason, it is essential to increase the attention on the traffic signs placed on the roads and also reduce the speed with rain, whatever the intensity of this and also whatever the pavement type on both highway roads as secondary roads. Fetajo offers you the service of Rent a Car Malaga Airport.


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Es recomendable evitar los movimientos bruscos y los charcos en la medida de lo posible, de lo contrario es fácil sufrir el fenómeno del aquaplaning, que puede hacer perder el control del vehículo. Fetajo  te ofrece el servicio de Rent a Car Malaga Airport.

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It is advisable to avoid sudden movements and puddles as far as possible; otherwise it is easy to suffer the aquaplaning phenomenon, which can cause you to lose control of the vehicle. Fetajo offers you the service of Rent a Car Malaga Airport.


It is advisable to take the dipped headlights switched on during a rain period while you are driving, this will increase your visibility and also the visibility to other users. In heavy rain or fog, it is advisable to turn the front and rear fog lamps.



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