Museo de Artes Populares Location: Contact: If you want to know what was the Malaga of the generation of our grandparents, you only have to visit the museum of popular arts and look closely at the exhibitions that take place over there. The best way to discover Malaga is with rent a car … Read more

The Santiago Church

Iglesia de Santiago Location: We visited the city of Malaga entering it in the same way the Catholic kings did in 1487, by the so-called Royal Street where was located the access door to the street called the Puerta de Granada that forms part of the wall that Surrounded the ancient city. The best … Read more

CAC Malaga and the Malaga Trade Fair

Contemporary Downtown of Malaga Location: Contact: Málaga is irrigated by the Guadalhorce, a river of the Iberian peninsula that runs through the south of Spain and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. It is the main river of the province of Malaga and the Southern Watershed. It is also divided by the channel of … Read more

Malagueta and Botanic Garden La Concepción

  Malagueta beach Location: La Farola, the only female lighthouse in Spain, is the starting point of a beach that starts in the city and find its way down slowly. Malaga Bay is 20 kilometers long. Malagueta and Palo beaches are the perfect places for a break for the habitants of Malaga and for … Read more

Easter in Malaga

Málaga Cathedral has the distinction of having only one tower in one of the four corners. That´s why it´s called la Manquita (a person with only one arm) by the habitants of Malaga. The aisles of the cathedral reach the same height as the central ship. Like many of the church buildings the construction was … Read more


THE CONSISTORY OF MALAGA The construction of the Town Hall of Malaga was begun in 1911 and completed in 1919. Two local architects, Fernando Guerrero Strachan participated in the project, some of their most important works being the neo-Gothic Church of el Sagrado Corazón ; Hotel Príncipe de Asturias, currently Miramar; and the Hotel Caleta … Read more

The Gibralfaro Castle

WONDERS OF MALAGA: THE GIBRALFARO CASTLE The name Gibralfaro means lighthouse mountain. The current situation of the wall was set in 1350 when the Arab culture decided to strengthen the hill in order to protect it from the new war invention; the artillery. From this point you dominate the whole city. The castle is at … Read more

Festivals in August in Malaga

Malaga City Archives Location: Contact: The municipal archives of Malaga is located behind security door. In this small room are the plenary sessions minutes of the city council preserved since its formation in 1489 to1968 and other valuable documents, the memory of the city in only 6 square meters. The best way to … Read more

Enjoy the architecture in Malaga. Route of buildings

Enjoy the architecture in Malaga. Route of buildings. The tour guide us through the buildings of Malaga built between 1820 and 1956. The first visit is the park of Malaga where we see the Mayor gardener’s house which was built in 1912 and designed by architect Manuel Rivera Vera. The house, as the name reveals, … Read more

Visit the Alcazar of Gibralfaro

Visita al Alcázar de Gibralfaro Malaga is a city with a long history dating back to the Phoenician civilization. Today Malaga is the second most populous city of Andalusia. 10 million travelers arrive every year to Malaga airport. The whole world knows Malaga as the capital of the Costa del Sol. A sun that not only … Read more