Los Reyes Magos en Málaga

One of the most important moments in the city of Malaga takes place during the Three Kings Parade, which is held during the afternoon and evening of 5th January.  It is a very special evening for children; the Three Kings leave them presents during the night and then they open the next day. At Fetajo Rent a Car we love to tell you about all of these things.

The Tradition

Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar are the names of these three kings who hail from the Middle East. They travel by camel, visiting every house during the night of 5th January so that they can give presents to children. Hire one of our cars from our branches.

The Parade

It is one of the most important events of the year in Malaga. The city centre is full of families, all of which can’t wait to see the Three Kings, to whom the parade is dedicated. They rise high above the crowd on their floats, with each sat on a distinct, tall and impressive throne surrounded by their courtiers. The parade consists of fourteen floats, including those transporting the Three Kings. Since sweets are thrown out to them by the Three Kings, children also hit the streets of Malaga to watch the parade. Don’t miss the Three Kings Parade. Be sure to get there thanks to one of our vehicles

The Three Kings in Malaga 1

Roscón de Reyes

There are many traditions accompanying that of the Three Kings, one of the most delicious of which being the roscón – a Spanish pastry typically eaten to commemorate Epiphany. This circular pastry consists of a sweet dough covered in sugar and candied fruits, and can be filled with creme, chocolate, etc. 


The roscón is topped with a golden crown for the person awarded the prize inside it. They are not exciting prizes; the winner tends to get a plastic or cardboard crown. A bean is also hidden with the cake. Whoever finds this bean has to pay for the cake. Travel to Málaga in the Opel Insignia

The Three Kings in Malaga 2



The back seats are very wide. Also, it is clear that this car is a bit longer than the previous version when you look at the seats, since backseat passengers do not touch the backrests of the front seats with their knees. The boot space is 490 litres and it has a very wide loading mouth. There are hooks to which you can attach your shopping bags or on which you can place charging ports. There is a also a spare wheel underneath. The boot can hold up to 1450 litres.


The Three Kings in Malaga 3

El maletero es de 490 litros y con una boca de carga muy amplia. Hay ganchos para poder sujetar las bolsas de la compra, argollas para fijar una red de carga. debajo del fondo podemos encontrar una rueda de emergencia. La capacidad máxima del maletero es de 1450 litros.




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