Tips for Efficient Driving Efficient Driving with Fetajo Rent A Car


Tips for Efficient Driving
Efficient Driving with Fetajo Rent A Car

Best tips to achieve efficient driving with fetajo rent a car. Efficient driving consists in introducing certain changes in driving habits to suit the innovations introduced in today’s engines. The traditional way of driving does not take into account these innovations and the possibilities of new vehicles, that is why we must adapt our way of driving. Discover our rent a car service in  Car Hire Malaga Airport.

conducción eficiente por rent a car Málaga

Most vehicles incorporate systems and technologies designed to optimize the consumption of the car such as tires with low rolling resistance, inflation pressures to obtain the best values in terms of consumption without penalizing safety and various external aerodynamic elements.

Some people think that for example driving a car at low revs, especially if it is diesel, could affect its performance and eventually reduce engine life, but the new diesel engines are designed to work under these low revs, for it is no longer a problem for the engine. It is also thought that when driving downhill, it is better to go in neutral gear to save consumption, but the ideal situation is to use the engine brake when doing so, since having a gear engaged and removing the foot from the throttle does not inject fuel into the engine and therefore there is no fuel consumption. Fetajo offers you the Rent a Car Malaga Airport service..


Start up

First of all, the start-up of the vehicle has to be smooth, avoiding any stepping on the accelerator, it is not necessary to preheat the engine. For a good start up, we will simply turn the key, we will put first speed, quickly change to second gear and we can start circulating. You can pick up your rental car at any of our offices like Rent a car in Mijas.

Puesta en marcha conducción eficiente por rentl car Málaga


Stops at traffic lights

Driving in the city has to be as smooth as possible, avoiding sudden braking and acceleration. When arriving at a traffic light, we will use the engine brake. It is advisable to remove the foot from the accelerator and the car will stop in front of the traffic light by shifting the car in neutral and removing the foot of the clutch.

parada en semáforos conducción eficiente con rent a car Málaga


Driving in Summer

During the summer, there is always a doubt whether it is better to drive with the window lowered or closed with the air conditioning on. The answer will basically depend on the speed you are driving at. At low speed, it is more optimal for the car to lower the windows and get natural air. Instead from 80 km/h on, it is always advisable to close the window and activate the air conditioning. Enjoy the best driving experience of your rental car with rent a car Málaga Fetajorentacar.

Conducción verano eficiente con rent a car Málaga


With an efficient driving, we can save between 10% and 20% on the fuel consumption of the vehicle, which will have a positive impact on the user’s pocket, and obviously on the environment. So, although it is difficult to change the bad habits, we have in the way of driving safely, it will be a rewarding effort.

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