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Tourism in Malaga: monuments, beaches, festivals and gastronomy


Tourism in Malaga : Founded in the eighth century BC by the Phoenicians, Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Now is the capital of the province of the same name, and is rich in one of the biggest tourist and cultural splendors of the region.

Belonging to the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, and located in the famous Costa of the Sun, about 100 kilometers from the Strait of Gibraltar , Malaga is presented as one of the best options to enjoy a few days that will be unforgettable for any visitor.


Birthplace of Pablo Picasso , and important nucleus of museums in the region , Malaga is an excellent cultural corner of the world.

Currently there are more than 35 museums in the city , including the Picasso Museum, Malaga  Carmen Thyssen Museum, Center Pompidou in Malaga, as well as interesting as the Museum of the car options.


The whole city breathes history. It is impossible not to feel that travels back in time when the streets of Malaga are crossed.

In particular, we must highlight the  Alcazaba  , spectacular the eleventh century Arab fortress and Roman Theater of the Augustan age, the Castle of Gibralfaro , Phoenician and converted by the Nazari in fortress to protect the Alcazaba.

And a little closer today, with a mix of styles ranging from the Gothic to the Renaissance, we find the Cathedral of Malaga , better known as La Manquita because he never finished building the south of its original design tower. One of the most important buildings in the city with a recommended tour offered to better understand the architectural details and historical thereof.


In addition to museums and buildings, there are streets, squares and markets all visitors must go and to see .

Calle Marqués de Larios , founded in 1891 and currently exclusive pedestrian use. Passage Chinitas , famous for the reference made by García Lorca in one of his poems. La  Calle San Agustin, markets Atarazanas, Salamanca and El Carmen, the Plaza La Constitution, Old Town Square, the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and Plaza La Merced ,  with its obelisk erected in memory of Torrijos and those with him fell. 


Malaga has 14 kilometers of beaches with all the quality services Tucked away in the city, but perfectly separated from the urban traffic to provide tranquility and peace offering promenades.

You can choose from the most popular beaches such as La Malagueta, San Andrés and Pedralejo , or further away from crowds as Rock of the Raven, Baths of the Carmen or Guadalmar Beach , the latter with nudist area.

You should not miss a day of beach in Malaga good food stalls offering traditional espetos sardine and the exquisite fried fish on the shores of the sea.


Málaga presents a benevolent climate throughout the year. With mild winters and moderate summer temperatures because of its proximity to the sea.

Moreover rainfall it is low, presenting an approximately 71 rainy days throughout the year . It is the months from November to March the highest chance of rain.

It follows that the city is conducive to the visitor at any time of the year, fall and spring being the most pleasant seasons to enjoy a few days in Malaga.


The main popular activities Malaga are religious traits.

  • Holy Week , declared of International Tourist Interest.
  • The feast of San Juan , held on the eve of the day of the saint, on June 23 of each year.
  • The procession in honor of San Ciriaco and Santa Paula , martyrs patrons of the city, every 18 June.
  • L Christmas and the Three Kings , are also a good tourist attraction of the city.
  • Málaga Fair , filled the streets of the city of color and joy in the month of August.
  • On December 28, highlights the Festival of Verdiales , pagan celebration of the Holy Innocents.
  • Finally, the fashion week , the Festival International Film Festival and the ever present flamenco, will make your stay in Malaga a feast, whatever the time of your visit.


As a good coastal city, Malaga has the most traditional dish of the “fried fish” and skewered sardin a. But they are also highly valued the seafood rice, noodle casserole with potatoes and monkfish .

Moreover, at lunchtime you can delight making a tour of tapas in Malaga , tasting soups and casseroles that are specialties of the table in the city. You do not miss the taste a   Gazpachuelo , based on potatoes and mayonnaise, or Ajoblanco , with almonds, garlic and grapes.

For dessert, you can enjoy some oil cakes, Axarquía raisins and roasted potatoes dipped in syrup.


In the historic center it begins from early interlude nightlife of the city and having knowledge of it is advisable to do some  .

The streets located between the Constitution, San Ignacio and La Merced seats offer a good variety of places to dance and have fun.

It is highly recommended, as well as enjoying everything that this city offers, keep us one day to visit the many towns of Malaga charming and beautiful.

You will not have time to get bored in Malaga. Definitely a great option.

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