Visit the Alcazaba in Málaga, an old Muslim fortification

La alcazaba de Málaga

This Palace fortress whose name in Arabic means citadel is one of the historical monuments of the city, a space very visited for combining history and beauty in the same place. Muslim era is located at the foot of Mount Gibralfaro where is the Arab defensive castle to which it was linked by a corridor protected by walls called La Coracha; next to the Roman Theater and in front of the Customs building, it is an opportunity to see in just a few meters the union of Roman, Arab and Renaissance cultures, which makes this corner a very special place.

La alcazaba de Málaga

La Alcazaba in Malaga

Built between 1057 and 1063 according to Muslim historians at the behest of the Berber taifa king of Granada, Badis. In its construction, hauling materials were used and pieces of the Roman theater annex were reused, such as columns and capitals. Later the Almorávides arrive in Malaga in 1092 and the Almohads in 1146. In 1279 the Muhammad II conquers Ben al-Ahmar and passes to the Nazarite kingdom.

His reform It gives it a deep imprint as a Nasrid building built on the rock. It combines the defense and beauty needs of an Arab palace organized with rectangular patios and bays around its gardens and ponds. Its rooms that, in the tradition of Granada architecture, look inside for the alternation of lights and shadows to get those games that dominate Arab alarms so well. Its military component makes it one of the most important Muslim works preserved in Spain.

La alcazaba de Málaga

With matacanas, albarranas towers with saeteras and crenellated walls as defensive elements, however their best defense was in their situation, dominating the city and the bay from their balconies. Around it there was a neighborhood, now totally disappeared, that even had its system to evacuate the sewage, and with latrines in almost every house, which proves the high level of civilization that existed at that time. He had successive reconstructions, some even in the twentieth century, and is currently visited with important archaeological exhibits.

In the first excavations for its restoration, remains of Roman walls of concrete covered with reddish stucco and small pools excavated in slate, intended for the preparation of the Garum (fish paste that the Romans made) and a dungeon where they locked up at night the Christian captives who worked during the day.

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