Best Things to Do in Fuengirola with Fetajo Rent a Car 08


Fuengirola  is a  coastal town in the province of Malaga . It is located in the region of the  Coast Western Sol .It began as a fishing village, today to become a major tributary of tourism. This Malaga town offers a wide range of options, hotels, restaurants, culture and parks.Fuengirola has retained the best of their ancient heritage, such as the Castle Sohail or baths and Roman villas .The local cuisine is put in value, as it can not be otherwise, thanks to its fried fish .
What to see and do in Fuengirola.Enjoy this guide we have prepared with all the information you need about Fuengirola.
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Historical Heritage.

From the Phoenicians, through Romans and Arabs. They left their mark in the form of traces, we can admire today.

The municipality has the  Casa de la Cultura and of course , its own museum, the Museum of Fuengirola , which brings together a collection of pieces that come from different fields as the  Cerro de Suel , the  Sohail Castle  or the  House of the Secretary.

Best Things to Do in Fuengirola with Fetajo Rent a Car 08

The fuengiroleño historical center preserves the Arab heritage in its streets.

One of the busiest areas of the city is the Plaza de la Constitucion , central axis of numerous residents and visitors.

In the same square is the  church of Our Lady of the Rosary , which highlights its cover of baroque style.

Situated on a small hill near the mouth of the  river Fuengirola and rising to 38 meters above sea level, stands the Castle of Sohail,  privileged viewpoint of the Sun Coast .

He was ordered to be built by the Umayyad caliph Abd al-Rahman III.

Near Castle have found remains of Phoenician-Punic settlements, which were the founders of Fuengirola.

At the foot of the castle remains they are of what was the  Roman city of Suel , with Roman baths and the Villa of the Secretary.

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Beaches of Fuengirola.

Some of the  best beaches on the Costa de Sol  are concentrated in Fuengirola, thanks to its 8 km long.

Best Things to Do in Fuengirola with Fetajo Rent a Car 08

Because the sun and the sea can enjoy its beautiful beaches and promenade, always busy with people enjoying.

On the beaches of Fuengirola also celebrate the  festivities of the night of San Juan .

These are some of the  best beaches in Fuengirola :

Castle Beach

Playa Santa Amalia

Playa de los Boliches

Playa de las Gaviotas

Torreblanca Beach

Playa de Carvajal

If you are looking for a  nude beach in Fuengirola , I have to tell you the closest are the  nudist beach Cabopino  in Marbella, and the  nudist beach Benalnatura  in Benalmádena.

Things to Do in Fuengirola.

Water Activities in Fuengirola

Enjoy the coast inevitably makes us like to explore the surrounding seabed.

That’s why you can go  diving  or learning to  dive  in a diving school.

Best Things to Do in Fuengirola with Fetajo Rent a Car 08

Near the fishing port is the  marina of Fuengirola , where you can practice  water sports such as  sailing  or  navigation .

If you are looking for family fun with the little ones in the  Water Park Aquamijas you can enjoy a great day to soak.

Leisure and Shopping in Fuengirola.

As for culture, Fuengirola offers different cultural options, which are often organized in the Casa de la Cultura , in the Peace Palace and the Castle of Sohail .

Best Things to Do in Fuengirola with Fetajo Rent a Car 08

Also features the Film Festival Fuengirola , the International Trade Fair and the increasingly popular International Fair of the People .

Fuengirola can boast of having the largest market in Andalusia , open to the public every Tuesday at the fairgrounds.

Saturday at the same place there is a flea market.

Attractions in Fuengirola.

BIOPARC animal park in Fuengirola

The  BIOPARC Fuengirola  is an animal park in Fuengirola, definitely a must visit for lovers of nature and animals, learn and discover how to live and enjoy surrounded by them is something unique.

Best Things to Do in Fuengirola with Fetajo Rent a Car 08

You can also enjoy various recreational areas, such as the Parque Fluvial Sohail, located next to the Sohail Castle is a navigable river about 800 meters long.

Museums in Fuengirola

The municipality has the Museum of City History , where you can learn the history of Fuengirola with archaeological remains of the hill of Suel, showing the passage of Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs by the municipality.

The  Open Museum , the  Peace Palace , or the  Varietes Theater , the latter is the only one that offers programming in English only and the only Andalusia that management is led by foreigners living here.

Gastronomy, festivals and surrounding

Sun Coast offers a varied cuisine, partly because of the wide variety of seafood offered by the Mediterranean Sea, and also the influence of cultures, thus a mixture of the best cuisines in the world.

Best Things to Do in Fuengirola with Fetajo Rent a Car 08

In Fuengirola, where almost a third of the population is foreign, it has made much of the restaurants are international.

But there is something that everyone likes, and is typical of the  Malaga gastronomy , fish, either grilled or cooked salt, or fish or  fried fish .

Another dish and hallmark of the Sunshine Coast is that of  espetos sardine .

We can not forget about the types of  cold dishes  such as the  garlic soup , the  gazpacho  or  antequerana truncheon .

Among those summer dishes of Malaga cuisine, we also have hot soups, many based on fish, such as  gazpachuelo , the  pout  or  noodle casserole .

Rice with seafood,  salad Malagacod salad , or the delicious  prawns pil-pil on , are some of the samples varied Andalusian gastronomy.

Which also defines the city of Malaga is thanks to its excellent wines with  Designation of Origin Málaga , like wine  Moscatel, the  dry , the  White Sweet , they are accompanying both our meals, and desserts.

Oil cakes , made from olive oil, honey and almonds are some of the recipes that have been inherited from Arabic influence.

Near Fuengirola are  MarbellaMijasBenalmádena  and  Torremolinos .

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Weather and Climate in Fuengirola

If anything we can boast in Malaga is its climate.Best Things to Do in Fuengirola with Fetajo Rent a Car 08Subtropical Mediterranean with annual rainfall of 500 liters per square meter and 3,000 hours of sunshine, make time in Fuengirola one of the best options for your holiday around the Mediterranean.With hot, dry summers, make it one of the ideal destinations for sun and beach in Spain and Andalusia.

Getting to Fuengirola and Transport

From Malaga you can get to Fuengirola taking the A-7 or N-340 towards Algeciras and straying to Fuengirola.

Train Station Fuengirola

In Malaga we have a railway network linking the capital with the west coast to Fuengirola, passing through the airport, Torremolinos and Benalmádena respectively.

The C-1 line is what connects the commuter Malaga Fuengirola Station, which stops in, Los Boliches, Torreblanca and Carvajal.

Intercity bus

If you need to hop on a bus, there are intercity buses from the capital of Málaga with any part of the province and other parts of Andalusia.

City buses

Fuengirola city buses have five lines that run different parts of the city.Lines 1 and 5 bind the neighborhood of Miramar and Pacos with Miramar Park to Friends intermittently.Lines 2 and 3 connecting the busy area of ​​Fuengirola, the part of the Boquetillo with Carvajal area.Line 4 runs from side to side of Fuengirola from Carvajal to the Miramar and Park Miramar.Line 1 : Playa Marina (Los Amigos) – Los Pacos
Line 2 : Boquetillo (Calle Mallorca) – Avenida de Carvajal
Line 3 : Boquetillo – Carvajal
Line 4 : Centro Comercial Miramar – Carvajal
Line 5 : Los Amigos (Playa Marina) – Los Pacos

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